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Parents FAQs

Do I have to create a separate account for each of my children?

No.  You only have to fund one account. Create one account and add all students for whom you are paying to that umbrella account. The money will be shared between the students.

Can I limit how much my child spends at school?

Yes, you can budget spending by school activity (cafeteria, bookstore, etc.) so that students cannot spend more than the approved amount. However, you don’t have to limit spending if you don’t want to.

How will I know how much money is in my account?

To get a current balance, simply log on to the site. You can also receive email notification via computer or text message to your phone. You set the minimum balance the account must reach before you get a notice.

My student wants to be able to log on to look at spending. However I don’t want them to be able to add money to the account, change budgets, or pay for anything. Is that possible?

Of course, that safeguard is already built into the Student Account. Students can look at reports but can’t change anything.

How do I know if an unauthorized user is using my account?

MoneyLink’s cash register feature provides security. A school photo, the students name and other information is displayed on the screen at time of purchase so the cashier has more information to determine whether the purchase is authorized. In addition, you can suspend use of the card temporarily if you believe it is lost or if you or your student go on vacation.

Can I automatically fund the account on a regular basis or when a certain balance is reached?

Yes.  Set up a recurring payments schedule. When the preset dollar amount or the preset date arrives, the system automatically adds additional funds.

School District FAQs

How can I take payments using MoneyLink?

MoneyLink allows you to take payments over the web or in person.  Soon you will also be able to accept transactions over the phone using an automated system.

What types of payments can I accept?

MoneyLink allows you to take payments using credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, paper checks, or cash.

How will I know how much money has been spent in the school district and how much has been collected from parents?

This is quite simple. MoneyLink provides all of the reporting required to balance and reconcile your books. Reports are available in a variety of formats.

How do we enter information for items or services that are payable through MoneyLink? 

An intuitive, simple interface enables the user to enter items that are payable either on-line or in person through MoneyLink. 

Can I restrict access to information available to administrators, teachers, staff, and others within the school?

Yes.  MoneyLink includes a tiered access system that allows each user to see only the information that you want them to see. 

Can I charge a fee to users of the system?

Yes, a convenience fee can be charged by the school district to cover MoneyLink costs or a portion of them. The school district and parents can work together to pay for use of the system.

MoneyLink was designed from the ground up to make school districts more efficient and thus save money. You may find that MoneyLink’s cost is outweighed by efficiency gains and cost reductions district wide. You may also be able to make money off interest on prepays or generate money using MoneyLink’s fundraising tools.  

We have students on the free and reduced lunch program.  How can MoneyLink help with these students?

MoneyLink can actually assist in maintaining compliance in this area. Through use of MoneyLink, their anonymity will be protected. They will use the same system and the same method to make payments as all of the other students in the school system.

How do I implement MoneyLink?

With ease! Just contact us, and we will assist in implementation.


Benefits for School Districts

Automates any payment related function from book store to athletic field.
Encourages speedy payments and thus increases cash flow.
Reduces time spent trying to collect student expenses, fines and fees.
Frees school employees for the more important matter of education.
Generates financial reports by student or event.
Collects money for fundraising projects.
Utilizes existing databases.
And More...

Benefits for Students/Parents

Provides security through pre-funded spending accounts so that money is available even when you are not!
Offers parents and students an additional payment channel
Empowers student budgeting
Simplifies student life by eliminating the last minute search for cash
And More...

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